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Jeeva Legium (Chywanprash) 500 gm (BB Jun-21)



Indian gooseberry, liquorice, Indian sarsaparilla, Talispatra, lemon, cardamom and cloves.



Energy, Health and Immunity Booster

Jeeva Legium is a herb-based formulation for overall health, well-being and increased immunity. Daily consumption provides multiple and varied benefits across all age groups.


Benefits for Children:

  • - Purifies the blood and boosts immunity
  • - Strengthens the liver
  • - Builds muscle and boosts overall strength and energy


Benefits for Adults:

  • - Slows down the aging process and makes the skin glow
  • - Supports healthy functioning of the heart and respiratory systems
  • - Rejuvenates all tissues and tones the reproductive system


How to Use:

Take 1 teaspoon with a glass of warm or cold milk.

Best Before June 2021 - Jeeva Legium has a short best before date (12 months from manufacturing in India) and as a result by the time they reach Australia they are half way through their expiry period. These are safe to consume and may retain their taste, texture and flavour for more than 6-8 months after this date when stored properly.