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Ginger Lemon Drink, 120 gm - (BB Jun-20)

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All natural instant Ginger Lemon Drink is a blend of high quality ginger added with tangy natural lemon. Traditionally, ginger is used as a spice to flavor food and also people consume ginger products for motion sickness, to aid digestion and to restore balance in the body.

The inner foil envelope contains instantly dissolving crystals that make a tasty and refreshing beverage. This healthy and delicious drink will rejuvenate you throughout the day.

Ginger, Lemon, and Sucrose

Pour contents, add 1 cup (120 ml) of hot or cold water, according to your preference, stir and serve instantly.

Best Before June 2020 -  has a very short best before date (9 months from manufacturing in India) and as a result by the time they reach Australia they are half way through their expiry period. These are safe to consume and may retain their taste, texture and flavour for more than 6-8 months after this date when stored properly.